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  • “Stanford And Sons” Pilot

    “Stanford And Sons” Pilot

    The Glazer brothers, who have served more than fifty years in prison between the three of them, own and operate one of the premiere comedy clubs in the Midwest.  Craig is a middle-aged playboy who dates 20-year-old strippers while Jeff and Jack are like a medicated version of the Bee Gees twins.  When famous comedians show up to perform their stand-up, hilarity ensues.This cartoon started off as a reality show until Steve Kramer decided to teach himself how to animate. [...]

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  • “Grandpa Benny”

    “Grandpa Benny”

    This is a montage of the late “Grandpa Benny’s” greatest moments.  He was the grandfather of Craig, Jeff and Jack Glazer.  He was the star of the Stanford And Sons reality show that was filmed for Comedy Central in 2003.

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  • “Champions Forever” Interview With Craig Glazer

    “Champions Forever” Interview With Craig Glazer

    Craig Glazer opines about “Champions Forever”, a movie he produced, and what it takes to be a producer in Hollywood.  ”Champions Forever” is a documentary about the boxing Legends that captured our attention at the peak of the sport’s popularity.  The film features exclusive interviews and boxing scenes with Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Ken Norton, and Larry Holmes.

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  • “Stanford And Sons”-01 Al Pacino Auditions

    “Stanford And Sons”-01 Al Pacino Auditions

    This is the first episode of the “Stanford And Sons” cartoon after the pilot.  In this episode, Al Pacino flies into town to audition for the part of Craig Glazer in the soon-to-be-made movie, “King Of Sting”.

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  • Champions Forever

    Champions Forever

    Five champions together for the last time! Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Ken Norton. For more than twenty years, these kings of boxing ruled the ring as they passed the world heavyweight title from one to the other. Now, for the first time, see them all come face to face–gloves off–in an unprecedented video event, hosted by Reggie Jackson. In “Champions Forever,” you’ll discover the real men behind the legends, uncover the hidden anguish and secret passions [...]

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  • Who Wants To See Craig Glazer In Jail?

    Who Wants To See Craig Glazer In Jail?

    Once posted, this became a very popular video.  I guess a lot of people would like to see Craig in jail.

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